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About Us

We are a local Banff family offering professional hiking guide services customized to our guest's needs and preferences.  

We focus on combining physical activity with leisure in order to discover the healthy benefits and possibilities that nature provides. 
Through the activity of hiking, we embrace the outdoors safely, respecting the environment.

Our Purpose:

To empower more people to discover the benefits of nature and movement, whilst demonstrating and upholding good care of ourselves and the environment.

To interact with different cultures and learn from each other. 


To motivate and inspire people to explore the outdoors safely, respect nature, have fun, and push their limits.


To deliver a memorable experience immersing our guests in  mountain life.

Our Values:
  • Give the Best of Us: push and go a little further.

  • Customer Commitment: make a positive impact in people’s lives.

  • Respect: the environment and the community.

  • To Share: special moments, knowledge, and passion for the outdoors.

  • Authenticity: be natural.

'Leave no Trace ' Principles:

The idea behind the principles is to leave nature as unchanged by our presence as possible, so that future generations can enjoy it too. In essence, the purpose of 'Leave No Trace' is to keep the wilderness wild.

  • Plan Ahead & Prepare.

  • Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces.

  • Dispose of Waste Properly.

  • Leave What You Find.

  • Minimize Campfire Impacts.

  • Respect Wildlife.

  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors

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